Friday, September 12, 2014


Today I'd like to introduce a brand new series in an attempt to revive and revitalize this blog. I'm calling it, "re-Imagineering," a place to share ideas for actual existent Disney properties around the world. 
For it's inaugural debut, I thought it'd be great to take a trip to Walt Disney World and discover all of the new and exciting plans currently in development. 

So, without further ado, may I introduce to you...

*Disney's Animal Kingdom*
Where Adventure is Wild!

Discovery Island
~Mother Nature 3-D show~
Replacing the Tree of Life's "It's Tough to be a Bug," Mother Nature hosts an all new 4-D show taking guests into the natural world like never before. 

~World of Color Animal Show~
I'm excited to see the upcoming "Rivers of Light," but my idea would basically incorporate massive water screens fountains, and floats all coming together in a celebration of the animal world. 
The show would start off with Fantasia 2000's Spring Sprite flowing through a forest. Music and lighting would set the scene as the show transitions to the Circle of Life...the entire set is pitch black when guests hear the first note of the iconic song, until brilliant shades of red and orange and yellow fill the river and water screens shoot up projecting images of animals heading towards Pride Rock. Floats featuring actors dressed as different animals (think Broadway's Lion King), emerge from behind the far sides of the screens, and then finally, as guests hear, "It's the Circle of Life," Pride Rock itself comes from between the 2 massive water screens. Rafiki is seen at the end of the rock, holding baby Simba, as the animals on the screens and floats bow before the newborn prince.
Other scenes include Fantasia 2000's Noah's Ark, in which a full sized Ark loaded with animals floats on the lagoon, a Montage of underwater scenes featuring Mr. Ray and his class from Finding Nemo, as well as various clips from Disney Nature films.

Camp Minnie-Mickey
Avatarland is given the ax, I don't like the idea. Instead, Camp Minnie-Mickey will continue to serve as the park's Fantasyland, recreating U.S. National parks of the 1950's and 60's. Here, guests can meet their favorite Disney characters while learning about the importance of conservation.

~Humphrey the Bear Log Flume~
Park ranger Donald Duck has been assigned the task of keeping Humphrey the Bear out of trouble, but unfortunately for Donald (and his temper), that’s much easier said than done.

~The True-Life Adventure Mine Train~
Hosted by the legendary AA owl Hoot Gibson of Western River Expedition fame, this scenic train ride through nature’s wonderland takes guests past various landscapes and habitats of North American critters, including Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Deer,  etc,

~It’s Tough to be a Bug~
Relocated from the Tree of Life to Camp Minnie-Mickey, the classic show is now housed within a giant rotting stump. Rumor has it the show may soon be accompanied by a new version of A Bug’s Land.

*EPCOT Center*
Where Tomorrow Begins Today

Future World
The area of the park most in need of assistance, Future World is going to drop the World's Fair theme in favor of becoming a "working model" for the future; the idea is that at EPCOT, the future is already here. A massive overhaul plan on greater scale than even DCA 2.0's is devised and includes a pavilion by pavilion update.

--Progress City Plaza--
Phase 1 of EPCOT Revitalization involves replacing Innoventions, with Progress City Plaza, and includes the demolition of the old Communicore buildings. Replacing them are several stand alone buildings housing various exhibits and restaurants themed to futuristic city life.
The area is filled with lush gardens and ponds, evoking harmony between technology and nature.

~Carousel of Progress~
Everyone's favorite family finds yet another new home here in Progress City Plaza. Located in Progress City's "Museum of Yesterday's Tomorrow," the family no longer finds itself talking of the wonders of yesteryear, but instead now discuss how wonderful life is in the past's future. Guests start off in a Jules Verne-inspired future, where men are shot to the moon via cannon, and time machines enable folks to visit any time period they desire. Moving forward through time, guests find themselves in the art-deco future of the 1930's. Father is getting his haircut by the old robot from Horizons as he discusses high speed zepplins that take folks from one end of the Atlantic to the other. Next, guests are transported to the far-out future of the Fabulous Fifties where aliens and man have made contact, and the family rides around in a Jetson's inspired vehicle that drives itself. The neon future of the 1980's greets guests in the last scene, where a metalic Christmas tree stands tall in the corner of the room and Sister phones in from outer space with her newborn via holograph screen.
The finale of the attraction includes a museum, including a 100% refurbished Progress City model, of Walt's original plans for EPCOT the city.
As you can probably tell, the idea is heavily influenced by Horizons, essentially just merging COP with the beloved Epcot attraction.

~Bot's Diner~
Guests will have the opportunity to dine in the world's first human-less restaurant. Here, all food is prepared and served by robots.