Sunday, May 26, 2013

So You Want To Be An Imagineer Season 11--Six Flags

A rough draft of a potential coaster concept done in MS Paint.

Various coaster concepts

"Mono-Coaster" as it is currently calls. The single bar allows the coaster to switch from being a regular coaster to an "inverted" coaster. It can also spin.

A glass "pod", allowing vehicles to load onto the Ferris Wheel. 

A profile view of a potential roller coaster design with the "Ferris Coaster" concept.

More to come...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

So You Want To Be An Imagineer Season 11--The Legend of Zelda

"Nintendo World Headquarters" overrun by the World of Hyrule

A few notes...

-The queue reflects the Lost Woods as best as I could interpret/understand it.
-The Nintendo World Headquarters sign is the Controller at the front of the queue.
-The attraction sign is the Zelda game cartridge at the front left of the queue. 
-In the back left corner, you'll find the logs that Link can walk through from one of the Zelda games (I forget which one). 
-Also in the back left corner is a sword and a shield from the game (I saw a screencap of that as well).
-In the center of the queue is a fountain featuring the Tri-Force...I imagine it would look similar to the upside down waterfall at Imagination.

"Nintendo Revolution" ride vehicle

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So You Want To Be An Imagineer Season 11--The Legend of Zelda Preview

Early, Unfinished concept of "Nintendo World Headquaters"

Although this piece of Concept art is unfinished, you can see that the showbuilding itself is designed as a tribute to the classic NES. Eventually, the Grounds of the "Nintendo World Headquarters", although normally neatly manicured and featuring statuettes of famous Nintendo characters, will be made to look disheveled,with the world of Hyrule consuming  everything surrounding the building. Be sure to check back later for the rest of this and other exciting concepts of So You Want To Be An Imagineer Season 11!