Sunday, May 19, 2013

So You Want To Be An Imagineer Season 11--The Legend of Zelda

"Nintendo World Headquarters" overrun by the World of Hyrule

A few notes...

-The queue reflects the Lost Woods as best as I could interpret/understand it.
-The Nintendo World Headquarters sign is the Controller at the front of the queue.
-The attraction sign is the Zelda game cartridge at the front left of the queue. 
-In the back left corner, you'll find the logs that Link can walk through from one of the Zelda games (I forget which one). 
-Also in the back left corner is a sword and a shield from the game (I saw a screencap of that as well).
-In the center of the queue is a fountain featuring the Tri-Force...I imagine it would look similar to the upside down waterfall at Imagination.

"Nintendo Revolution" ride vehicle

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