Sunday, March 13, 2011

Attraction Update--Danny Elfman to compose Mystic Manor Score!

That's right folks, the man behind Jack Skellington, Danny Elfman, will be providing an all new score for HKDL's Haunted Mansion equivalent, Mystic Manor! To Disney fans, Elfman is best known for his role as Jack Skellington's singing voice in, The Nightmare Before Christmas. He's also the composer of many memorable Hollywood film scores including Batman, The Simpson's theme, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mission Impossible, Men In Black, and more recently (in Disney history) Alice and Wonderland.
This is so exciting! I mean, as a Disney fan I've been looking foward to this attraction since it was announced, and now with Elfman attached to the project, my enthusiasm for it just became that much greater! I cannot wait to hear what he comes up with. Based on his past work, Elfman is a perfect fit with this attraction, and should be able to do a fantastic job combining the quirkiness and humor of the monkey with the creepiness and scary moments that the attraction is sure to offer. I sure do hope this soundtrack's released to the public!! For video and tons of pictures on the announcment, visit .

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