Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Spark of Inspiration--Star Wars Tomorrowland, The Ultimate Potter Swater

image courtesy of Tim Delaney

Seeing as how this blog is designed to not only feature theme park ideas but to also inspire new ones, I thought it might be cool if we took a little bit of time to view some concept art in order to help Spark some Inspiration (see what I did there?). Today's concept art comes from the great Imagineer, Tim J. Delaney, for what I assume was a very, very bluesky concept for Disneyland Paris. It features Tomorrowland with a Star Wars theme, and is really, really awesome. In the very front we see the Millinium Falcon, which I assume would be a walkthrough similar to the Nautilus walkthrough in DLP's Discoveryland. Behind that, we see what I would guess is the equivilant of Space Mountain, but with a Death Star exterior (can you even imagaine how awesome that would be?), and way, way, way in the background is a spiner attraction with the vehicles probably being X-Wings (again, totally sweet). Finally, closer to the front we see what appears to be a building from Tatooine, probably the Mos Eisley Cantina restaurant.
Can you even begin to imagine how amazing this land would've been? I mean, it's concept art that features attractions like these tha bum me out the most, concept art that only gives you the tiniest hint of flavor of what that land could've been (though I don't mean to complain, because Discoveryland in DLP really is spectacular in every single way). When I see art like this though, it makes me PRAY that a good idea never truly dies at WDI...Disney needs to build this, if for no other reason than to have the ultimate Potter Swatter.

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